I empathise with them
totally. I really...

- Married.
- Happily?

But you have to work at it.
You have to, if you want
fidelity in a relationship.

But have you ever given
in to lust in this room...

and really let
yourself go...

in a big way?
I can't sleep
with you.

You can't, I know that.
But I had to...

The proximity is...
and irresistible.
- Not that you're not attractive.
- Very kind.

I find you very attractive.
But some things I won't do,
out of commitment.

I hear you. You
don't have to...

I only have intercourse
with my husband, Phil.

My body belongs
to my husband.

Listen, I understand...
But from the neck up,
that's another story.

After your nomination you formed
a production company, right?

Right. You have to develop
your own projects.

You can't imagine the
amount of crap I get sent.

Plus, I'd really like
to direct one day.

Really? Well,
I don't want to be pushy...

but I've got a screenplay
I've written...

and today I thought
it might be...

you know, perfect
for you.

Really. Right now
it's written for a man...

but it could easily be
rewritten for a woman.

What's it about?
An armoured car robbery,
but with a personal crisis.

- Who would I play?
- One of the guards.

It needs a rewrite, with
a feminist statement.