Desperate Measures

- Lower your gun now.
- Frank, get out of the way.

Appreciate what you did for me.
If I need anything else,
I'll call you.

Stay with me.
I need help.
You gave up your gun.
I need help here.
I need some pressure on it.
Now. One, two, three.
It's okay.
- Bring him into the second bay.
- Check over there. Cover the doors.

What happened, Frank?
Talk to me. What happened?
Tell me!

We had him.
Connor let him get away.

How many people have to die tonight
so that your kid can live?

Get me out of here
before I do anything else.

I told you to stay out of it.
I want Connor locked up
until this is over.

No cuffs until you pass the press!
Sorry, Frank.
Let's go.
Matt had blood in his nose.
I think his platelets must be low.

I'm going to him now.
You tell him don't die.
Don't kill him.
Please don't kill him.