Desperate Measures

He's upstairs in the storage room.
4132. It's on the right.

He's got two tanks of cyclopropane,
one tank of liquid nitrogen.

- What is he doing with it?
- He's going to the electrical room.

Wait. I think this is yours.
Doctor, please don't call the cops.
I've got to go to the pharmacy
to get Amicar for Matt.

Thank you.
Police! Hold it right there!
This section of the hospital is locked
down. You'll have to come with us.

Hold it right there!
Hands up!

On your knees right now!
What are you going to do,
shoot me, Frank?

On your knees.
Get on your knees.
All right.
Don't shoot me. I'm hit.
I'm bleeding, Frank.

Step out!
Step out!
Let me see your hands.

All right, don't shoot me.
- Step out.
- All right.

Both hands! Both hands!
Check the generator.
The emergency lighting will kick in.
Don't panic.