El Faro

You'II regret it one day...
but I won't be around
to comfort you.

And aII my kids, aII the chiIdren
I am going to have...

wiII not be yours.
But I'm not hostiIe
and I forgive you.

But Meme...
You can Ieave.
Son of a bitch!
What is it, Meme?
He's the worst son of a bitch!
Don't cry.
I Iove you a Iot, Meme.
After mom and dad, you're
the person I Iove most.

You, Shorty...
Don't breathe that way.
It scares me.
I fear you may aIso die.
Oh, dear...
I Iove you a Iot too.
-I Iove you more.
-No, no...

-I Iove you more.
-I Iove you more.

No, I Iove you more.
We're Ieaving.
-What did you say?
-You heard me?

Change your cIothes. WiII you
change your cIothes at once?

As mom Iiked saying,
nothing wiII be missed here.