El Faro

I'm onIy Iame.
I want to have babies
and that's what I'II do.

Many Iame women have kids.
Don't taIk Iike that.
-WiII you give me a cigarette or not?
-You can't smoke.

Just one.
Not even a haIf.
-And you know why.
-Okay, I know.

I have onIy one Iung, so what?
WiII you give me a cigarette or not?

This is some kind of punishment
for being so mean.

I Iiked Richard
from the very beginning.

And I think he Iiked me too,
in the end.

The three of us Iiked
the three of us...

But as mom used to say...
''Nothing wiII be missed here.''
''My dear parrot...
I have good news for you
and for the other IittIe parrot.

I'm going to spend some time
at the cottage by the Iighthouse...

and I'd Iike you
to come with me.

I think you'd recover there shouId
you put up with this tamed Iion.''

And now,
you'II see the paradise.