Fai seung dat yin

Thank you
It's raining now,
what are you stiII wiping for?

Wipe your shoes first,
don't make a mess here

I don't want to cIean the fIoor again
Here's Hong Kong news
The poIice force unexpectedIy raid many
apartments at new territory Iast night

A group of severaI men and women were arrested,
they were suspected to be invoIved with
many bomb scares

In this raid,
we have confiscated 500 kg of
TNT expIosives

In addition, we've found a Iarge amount
of trip switches, timers and trip fuses

The one who is known as
''The King'' Matthew Wong was among those

who were arrested
He is beIieved to be
the head of the organization

Fugitive Matthew Wong
HeIIo? Get the biII,
I've to go to the bathroom

A hundred and twenty five, pIease
After we've received reIiabIe cIues
We began to foIIow our target suspect
A Iot of suspicious actions
were taken by Wong

We started the raid with
our speciaI squad as soon as

we're coIIected the evidence
Miss, can I have the biII. pIease
Thank you
Are you done?
No, I'm not
Hey cutie, we ''shoot'' order
No, it's we shouId order
What wouId you Iike, Sir?
Miss, I want miIk...tea
And this?