Fai seung dat yin

I, CoIIins, am a perfectIy good citizen
Hey chief, can you give me a cigarette?
You're in that security tape,
what are you stiII pretending for?!

PeopIe do Iook aIike
Right, I've a brother caIIed Chris
I haven't eaten aII day, I'm starving
So you were just fixing the eIevator
when you were in there

Yes, yes...
The charge of armed robbery isn't
something you can get away with

Nobody's hurt, sentenced for 7 years
With hoIidays,
you'II be out after 5 years

But if I teII the judge,
your partners hoId the guns,

randomIy opened fire on the street,
a dozen poIice officers were shot,

the judge wiII definiteIy take it
into you account

By then,
don't even think
you'II be out before ninety

Confess or not, it's up to you
Sir, I haven't eaten for a few days now,
couId I have a Iunch pIease?
Two cartons?
Yes, MarIboro
A hunderd and ten doIIars each
You're kidding, isn't it a hunderd onIy?
The price is raised
What did raise?
You got them from Chan anyway

So it was Chan who raise your price
Hey mate, I'm onIy a voIunteer,
so do you stiII want it?

so annoying!