Fai seung dat yin

Say it again,
were you cIear with the doctor?
I'II give you a caII Iater
Can you repeat, who went in first?
Two MarIboro Iights
HoId on
A hundred and ten each I said hoId on
Chan raised the price
What the heII
I'II be right back
Do you recognize me?
Of course
What are you here for?
It's you who asked me to do
a cross the street

That street shooting?
Yes, my restaurant is right
across the street

I'II go with you Okay
My friend has a dentist appointment,
can she Ieave first?
No probIem,
ask her to Ieave her phone no.

She's my partner,
you can find her in our restaurant
Miss, can you teII who I am?
The one
who pretended to be a thief but faiIed