Fai seung dat yin

Sir, can I heIp you with anything?
She needs to do the sketch
I'm free, I'II take her there
Miss, pIease foIIow me
How couId you it was me?
Your eyebrows
Ken, I've made some soup for you
You can put this back on my desk
after you're done

You don't have to But I want to, Sir
He confessed?
He wouIdn't say anything
when Ken asked him

Sam gave him Iunch,
he then toId the truth

This is Sam's sneaky tactics,
you better Iearn from Ken
Did anyone caII for me?
There was a girI, she caIIed three times
Was it Amy or Cindy?
Are you finished?
Of course
We reaIIy appreciate
your co-operation with the poIice

This is our duty as a good citizen
Haven't seen you for a Iong time,
you know how to sweet taIk now

You stiII think I was that IittIe kid
who got pick on the time?

I'm a big girI now
Not reaIIy
So you can finish this
And I'm going to bring this good citizen
to her good home

I want to say bye to Ken
He's having a meeting now
So I'm going now
Why didn't you come to the schooI party
that year?

Teacher said you were stiII a student
Do you remember...
when Ken came to our schooI?
AII the girIs at schooI are stiII
taIking about him

And you, they said
they saw you smoking in the bathroom

What eIse couId I do?
But how come you were in your underpants
that time...