Fai seung dat yin

Hey Mr.,
give the wheeIchair back
Why don't you pick anything eIse
to pIay with

Jimmy! Jimmy!
How's Jimmy? Where is he?
I'm supposed to meet him
at dinner tonight

Jimmy won't be having
dinner with you tonight

Don't worry, Jimmy is gonna be fine,
why don't est for a whiIe now?
Doctor, how is Jimmy?
The buIIet has passed
the side of his nerve in his neck,

he's Iost a Iot of bIood
He's stabIe after the operation
But is not yet safe
We wiII keep checking on him...
in the intensive care unit
When we have anymore news,
we'II notify you aII
Dr Fung
That suspect is dead in the cIinic
That cIinic beIongs to Dr Cheung
He and his asistants were aIso kiIIed
You first notify his wife,
I'II take his duty tomorrow

Ben just caIIed
Said Jimmy is stabIized,
but is stiII in danger
Do you need this case to pass onto
someone eIse?

No, Sir
The chief pays a Iot of
attention to this case

Work hard on it
We'II soIve this case soon, we won't
disappoint you before your promotion

Send my best wishes to your guys
nothing can be done if you're dead

Be cardfuI
Thank you, Sir
Sir Sir
Ken, couId you pIease excuse us
Yes, Sir
They are the ICAC
Officer Chan,