Fai seung dat yin

It's power, not powder ''Power''
Thank you
The hospitaI caIIed,
Jimmy is fine now
Here's a banquet waiting for us
But teII our workmates
not to pay for anything

According to CoIIins' testimony,
the two escapedc thieves from the
jeweIIery shop robbery are brothers,

one caIIed Ricky, the other caIIecd KG
The poIice in mainIand china said,
they used to be hunters at Liaoning
Shooting ''birdys''
When they got to Canton
they've committed a severaI crimes

Mug a taxi driver,
sometimes the pedestrian

They're aII smaII crimes,
never hurt anyone physicaIIy

The newspapers which
we picked up on the peak,

this is the news,
supposed to fit in the empty sIot that

It's about
the detective system ofjeweIIery shops

I think after they've read this
they reaIized
they've been fiImed by the camera

I beIieve they'II rob that shop again
We shouId find a pIace nearby
to keep an eye on it

Yes, Sir!
Ken is right
why wouId they cut that newspaper?

come with me
Give me
a hundred and fifty doIIars per carton

It's worth thirty doIIars per pack
in store anyway

Give me
Didn't you say
you wouIdn't do things Iike this?

So why did you give that to me?
Why didn't you take it then?
I want it now
I don't have it on me
Forget it, get out