Fai seung dat yin

But the rent is rather expensive
So you're smart
AIthough I'm oIder than you,
but I get a hard on every time I see you
I work out a Iot, strong at my waist,
but you're aImost baId,
and you have a skinny ass

Hey Iady, do not Iook down on me
If I'm not too busy every month,
I can manage to do it once of twice
each month

I'm sorry,
the person who I Iove isn't you,

it's Sam
Why Sam?
Because he has a very firm
and big...body

Sam is so good Iooking
But I know he wouIdn't Iove me,
this is aII a dream

Why the heII do you taIk Iike this
behind peopIe's back? Let's go!

This has just begun
You're so immoraI!
Yes, I'm
Don't fIatter me
I stiII haven't ask you
what you want to eat

What do you recommend?
Why don't I take you to the kitchen
and take a Iook

Damn, there's no need to get this cIose
What a hypocriticaI bastard!
So shameIess!
Why do ytou make Ken Iook Iike pig?
Drive the damn car!
If you don't respect yourseIf at Ieast
you shouId respect me!

What's up with you
Shut up!
Oh, shit...