All right, let's go.
And they showed her
a beautiful house...

on the planet Mars.
And they said,
''Come and live here forever.''

And the young girl said...
''Oh, Mars is a planet
where life's different--

safe, clean and pretty.''
But-- But how do you get there?
Where do you find a taxi?
Which bus do you take?

Right? And how do you know
you're there when you're there?

Philadelphia was not ready for this.
But New York was.
lt was the right moment...
and being of the moment
is everything in fashion.

But of course,
the more you were of the moment...

the faster you become
of the past.

Okay, let's get this over with.
Just go in there
and try to be nice.

- Nice? Nice.
- Yeah.

Who knows?
Maybe they'll like you.

- You are a very likable girl.
- Fuck you.

l'm here to see Wilhelmina Cooper.
So's the rest of the world and the rest
of the world's way ahead of you, honey.

Take a seat.