- Please! Please!
- Act like a big girl.

You've got to.
And you are.

So be my big girl.
Now listen to me.
l have to go home.
l have to.
Fine. Fine!
- Get out!
- All right, now wait.

- Get the fuck out!
- No, not like this.

Yeah, like this! Get out!
There. Get the fuck out!

- For God's sake.
- Get out!

- Not like this, not like this.
- Yeah, like this. Get the fuck out!

- Look.
- There, get out!

- All right. Fine, fine, fine. Fine.
- Go, go!

- All right, fine.
- Get out!

That's it.
She's booked for 16 shoots this week,
but l'll see what we can do.

And you are erupting forms...
Tell Scavullo he can have her--
out of the center
of all this tired, old beauty.

Shaming them.
Excuse me?
Tired, old beauty?

You can have Renee. l know you want Gia,
but you can't have Gia. Not until June.

This little wop is not standing
in front of me. You got that?

l'm off to the side, or l walk.
Yeah, me too.
Does this dress
make my ass look fat?

Your ass is fat, honey.
And l'm not standing
next to her fat ass.