Ciao, darling.
- l'm exhausted.
- Me too.

Come here, come here, come here.
l thought you were sick.
l am sick, darling,
sick and tired...

but it's not serious.
- l'm tired too.
- You?

l think l wanna stop for a while.
You know,
l need some time to think.

Yes, but not now, darling.
Plenty of time to rest
when you're in the ground.

You have...
the whole world...
at your fingertips.
You have to be strong.
Seize the moment.

Because if you don't...
there's always another girl
waiting right behind you...

breathing over your shoulder.
Come on.
l know. l know it's hard.
We can do it.
You and l together.
She really looked dead, didn't she?
The great thing about the afterlife
is nobody cares how you look.

Like an average girl.
Too rich and too thin.
- l had no idea she was that sick.
- You can never tell with Germans.