Hai shang hua

and no gentleman limits himself
to one flower girl.

We can go wherever we please!
It's tedious
to even discuss this!

You're right, Master Hong.
No flower girl relies
on just one caller.

Our mistress has plenty
of other callers.

Why should she rely
only on Master Wang?

But Master Wang
made her a promise.

If he'd kept her promise...
our mistress
would have no complaint.

Now he's calling on Jasmin.
As you say, no gentleman
has to limit himself...

to one flower girl.
Our mistress can say nothing.

But while he
is calling on Jasmin...

our debts remain unpaid.
Consider, Master Wang...
which of us is being "tedious"?
You or our mistress?
All right.
None of this
properly concerns us.

Let's go.
Are you leaving now,
Master Wang?

Master Wang,
you can leave if you want to.

No one will detain you...
but let's make one thing clear.
Jingda and I were up all night
comforting our mistress.

We didn't sleep at all.
Tonight we will sleep.
Women like us are
never responsible...

if our luck turns bad
and we are left penniless.

Master Wang, you cannot blame us
for this situation.

We should leave now.
Stay as long as you like.
I'm sorry you were troubled.
Tomorrow we'll set two banquet
tables to apologize to you.

No need for that.