Half Baked

l was up all night
getting harassed.

- Hi, there, Fish.
- See what l mean ?

l think they're mistakin'
my kindness for weakness. l'm scared.

Hey, Kenny, we're gonna get you
out of there, man.

All we gotta do is raise ten percent
of one million, yo.

- Which, by our calculations--
- ls fucking impossible, man !

Hey !
Sorry, man. l'm sorry.
All my life,
l did everything right.

l never screwed up.
l fed the horse.

l didn't know it was a diabetic.
l'm scared.

Kenny, stop crying.
Stop crying, Kenny. Look at me.

Come on. Don't let them
see you cry in there.

- Come on, man. Show me your mean face.
- No.

Yes, show me
your mean face, Kenny.


- That's good.

l mean, work on it a little bit,
but it's good.

- Kenny, how long
can you make it in there ?

l don't know.
Maybe 5:00... 6:30.

Come on, man. lt's gotta be
a little longer than that.

But-But-- But we'll get you out,
right, guys ?

- Yeah, you're out. You're out of here.
- Free as a bird.