He Got Game

I'm too young. You're too young.
We ain't ready for nothin' like this.

How did we get pregnant anyway?
Let's talk about that.

Are you sure?
I'm not getting pregnant
now, papi.

[ Sighs ] I just wanna
feel you inside of me...

[ Both Sighing ]
without a jimmy.
"l can't get pregnant, papi.
I wanna feel you
inside of me, papi."

- lsn't that what you said?
- Lala has to look out for herself.

Lala played herself,
that's what she did.

And don't think I don't know about
that D'Andre kid either.

- Did you fuck him?
- So what?

At least I can admit it.
- Oh, so it makes it all right
that you admit it--
- I'm not saying it's all right.

I'm just saying that there's a reason
and I can at least admit it.

- That don't mean shit.
- That don't mean shit?

- Go fuck all of Coney lsland.
- Well, you know what?

If it don't matter,
then why are you stressing?

- You're gonna wake up a whole
bunch of angry black folk.
- I don't give a fuck!

You know
you're gonna leave me.

This is gonna last while you're off
to college for a year?

You want me to live in Lala-land?
Is that what it is?

How do you know?
Tell me how you know.

- I know 'cause I ain't stupid.
- You went to a fortune teller?

You don't know shit.
You don't know what's gonna happen.

Jesus, I have read
all about...

those high school sweethearts
who get left behind.

I have seen that movie
many a time.

I told 'em nobody can tell Jesus
what to do, but they fucking insisted.

If they were stupid enough
to give me money...

to use some kind of influence
over you that I never possessed,

so be it.
They put the money in my hand
with the promise of more to come.

Just like
everybody else.

Jesus, you have
no problems.

Your life is set.
You got no worries.

- I have nothing.
- Yeah, right.

You're gonna honestly lie
dead to my face and tell me...

that it was gonna be forever
and you were gonna take care of me...

and that I had no problems
or no worries?