Hope Floats

What did I do?
If you have
something to say,

say it flat out,
don't say it behind my back!

- You have something to tell me?
- No.

- Tell me!
- What should I say?

Stop playing innocent!
I know what you told him!

- Told who?
- Your father, Bernice!

I just got off the phone
with him.

He said, "I'm sorry
you're taking this so hard.

Sorry you can't get out of bed,
but we have a daughter."

- What did you say to him?
- Nothing. It wasn't bad.

I just said you were sad.
We both are.

That is our business!
That's not his business!

We're not sad! We're fine!
We're not! You don't care about
me, don't ask me about school.

You don't make breakfast for me.
You said you'd take care of me!

I promised Daddy?
Daddy promised me the world,

and Daddy didn't honor
his promise,

and I will break every promise
I make to him!

Birdee, stop it!
That's enough, now.

It is not a crime to tell
the truth... not in this house.

- Don't yell at her!
- She's my daughter.

I'll yell at her all I want.
Just take a look at yourself.

Wandering around night and day
in your bathrobe?

You're hiding out.
You're scared.

Lord, what happened to you?
- You used to be so pleasing.
- I had to be pleasing, Mama.

With the town joke as a mother,
I had to be.

When you'd flounce into school
with your road-kill hat...

and your freshly skinned bag,
I learned how to be pleasing.

You're pleasing nobody.
You're miserable yourself.

And I've never been unhappy,
so the joke is on you, honey.

- Don't yell at her!
- I'm finished, believe me.

Come on out here, Travis.
I didn't hurt you, did I?