Jenseits der Stille

And then?
You know your father.
He can really be stubborn sometimes.

Your grandma always took his side.
He could do everything.

On his 15th birthday...
he knocked all the cups
and plates off the table.

And Grandma didn't even
bat an eyelid.

He was always her favorite.
I never had a chance.

But you never learned his language.
Yes, I did. A bit.
As kids, we made up
our own sign language.

But the doctors said
it was a mistake...

that sign language apparently
kept him from learning to speak.

You look pretty in that dress.
Well, what do you say?
Shall I cut it off?

Don't be afraid.
I'll make you look beautiful.

I told you to come this afternoon.
What happened to you?
Why are you crying?
Now you look like her.
That's what you wanted, right?