Kanzo sensei

are you going to launch
an anti-hepatitis crusade?

In any case,
I shall dedicate my life to it.

Stick to the subject.
The Army Health Department
still has doubts.

The investigation must continue.
Take this back.
We'll keep the Club advised.
You may go now.
Next week, I'm going to Tokyo.
I shall see General Sakurai,
Surgeon General of the Army.

I'll tell him about you,
what a devoted officer you are.
Please send my regards
to General Sakurai.

Bring my car around!
That Okayama over there?
I think so. Looks awful!
Manabu went to look around.
He's unstoppable.
I feel better.
Thank you, sincerely.
Manabu is finally a man.
Thanks to you, Sonoko.
More than a man.
He fucks like a god!

I'm limp!
Here, it isn't much.
But thank you very much.

No, we're childhood friends.
Take it anyway.
I've decided, I won't take it.
Thank you.