Kanzo sensei

In view of the situation,
I'm ready to die for my country.
My father died of hepatitis.
You, doctor, battle it night and day.
I came to give you this.
A microscope.
Oblique angle.
Light it from the side,
the corpuscles sparkle.
I'd be happy if you can use it.
Thank you.
I'll be able to approach the pathogenic agent
of hepatitis

With a higher definition lens,
and stronger light,
you can enlarge up to 2,000 times!
2,000 times?
- Doctor, time to eat.
- Later!

Sonoko, come and look.
You haven't eaten since yesteday.
Don't worry.
How beautiful!
Yes, beautiful.
It's a species of bacteria.
That microcosm is full of life.
In the eyes of God, perhaps we are that small.
Are there men and women bacteria?
Neither male nor female,
just perpetual reproductive motion.
No prostitution?
That doesn't exist in nature.
Everyone copulates freely.