Little Voice

Yeah, we're late, thanks
to you and Tweetie Pie back there.

- I wasn't worrying about work.
I'm worrying about Duane.
- Duane?

Aye. There's a big race today.
They start off from France at 9:00.

Strong winds forecast.
Don't like winds, don't Duane.

Duane's a pigeon, right?
Where's the first call?

Shipley Street.
Domestic installation.

I'm nearly done.
Ooh, I'll be wired up to the world soon,
me... in touch with all parts.

- Nearly done.
- Goodly.

I spend me life and me fortune
in them slot boxes. Really, I do.

Ooh, but them uniforms
are not very becomin'.

You look like you been chucked
in a tool bag, you.

Put me right off,
that has.

And I always liked a man
in a uniform, me.

- Oh, I bet you did.
- Hey, watch it, sparks. Sparkler.

Hey, speakin' of sparks,
you don't know nothin'
about electrickery, do ya?

Only the wires of me home's
cracklin' up on me.

No, no. We're just phone boys, us.
He's quiet, isn't he?
- Is there anybody there?
Or has he been disconnected?

Been cut off?
I've got a daughter like that.

Like one of them answerin' thingies.
You can only leave messages, like.

- Say hi, Bill.
- Hello.
- Bill?

- Hey, you're not the famous
phone Bill, are ya?

Eh, but look at you
in that bag. You ought to complain.

Good-lookin' on top and then that.
- Clark Gable in a bag.
Or should I say "Clark Cable"?

Ooh, eh, look at them two lookin' now.