Lost In Space

Breaking thrusters won'tfire!
lmpact in 30 seconds.
Ranger One,this is base.
Rescue craft
have been dispatched.

Grissom,those pods will never
reach him in time.

l'm going in.
MajorWest,you are not
authorized to jeopardize--

Never liked that station anyway.
Warning. Proximity alert.
Hang on,Jeb. l'm coming in.
Abort. Abort!
l'll give you a little kiss.
Don'ttake this the wrong way.

lmpact infive seconds.
Does this mean
we're going steady?

You're not getting out
of buying those beers that easy.

With intrepid pioneering spirit,
the Robinsonfamily...

will journey to the distant
world of Alpha Prime.

What kind offuture can
our children lookforward to?

Afuture in paradise.
The Jupiter mission...
made possible by the Army and
Silicon Graphics Corporation.

S.G.l. Saving thefuture
for our children.

Give me a break.
from Houston middle school.

Hello, Principal Cartwright.
What has he done this time?
He hacked our main power grid
to run his experiment.

The school was in chaos.
Yeah, right.
We didn't even have lights.
This is no laughing matter,
Professor Robinson.