Lulu on the Bridge

A real person.
Do you understand what's happened,
or are you in the dark like me?

In the dark.
Are you in love,
or just going along
for the ride?

In love.
Are you with the person you love,
or not with the person you love?

With the person.
With the person.
There was a hole... right in
the middle of his forehead.

Like a...
huge blind eye.

I thought I was
going to drown in it.

Once I looked in there...
I thought I would never get out.

He must have been
killed for the stone.

Then why didn't they take it?
Maybe something went wrong.
I wish I could give it back.
Back to who?
To the person who owns it.
I don't know...
to the place where it belongs.

- You know what it reminds me of?
- What?

The Berlin Wall.
Not big enough.
Remember when the wall
came down in '89...

There were little pieces of it
floating around all over the place

and a friend of mine
was given one in Germany.

It looked exactly the same,
exactly like the thing that you found.