Mask of Zorro

The evil king glared
at the good prince and said ...

- Something very forgettable.
- What did the good prince do?

Well, he leapt from the balcony
onto his faithful Tornado -

- and raced home to his wife,
Esperanza, and his daughter, Elena.

Never to do anything
so foolish again.

She loves to hear your stories.
It's only the sound of my voice.
Soon she will have no time for them.

I never tire of them.
Why should she?

Esperanza ...
She already has your strength.
Today she broke her clay horse.

Diego ...
Diego, you promised me.

No more nights waiting up.
The Spaniards are going home.
Today is Zorro's last ride.

From now on we will grow
old together with our five children.

- Five?
- Yeah. Not enough?

I love you.
Do?a de la Vega ...
Still as beautiful as ever.

Don Rafael, what an honour.
The governor in my home.

- Stay for dinner.
- I have come to apologise.

I am sorry that I could not protect
this country from the peasants.