I'm so glad.
There's a fine line
between luck and skill.

In fact, there's no line at all.
Boss wants to see you.
How did you find
the son of a bitch?

Grace of God. Nick spotted him.
- Alone?
- No bags, no protection.

- Spend any time with him?
- No.

Good. Well, we'll just
let him sweat it out.

We should do him somewhere else.
- Why?
- Duncan.

- Claire?
- What does he do for us anyway?

You just don't trust him
because he doesn't carry.

What happened to, "Do it
yourself and it gets done right"?

The business has changed, you know?
Duncan saves us taxes.
Keeps us clean.

He's introduced us
to a world of money.

A lot that matters if people
walk away with it.

It's not about money.
It's about perception of strength.
Claire, did you think of that
all by yourself?

The bagman was your responsibility.
The loss of that money is your fault.
You're fucking useless.

Now that we've thanked
our foot soldier...

...for the invaluable work contributed
today, please dismiss yourself.

Fuck you.
The Boss and I have some important
financial matters to discuss.

Numbers? You know,
things you wouldn't understand.

Hey! Hey, friends, friends, come on.
We'll get it out of Koo.