...but listen carefully.
Your situation has changed.

You've been sold down the river.
Now, you have to think.
You are gonna be tortured
more heinously...

...than you can conceive of
by the man behind this desk.

There's only one way to avoid that.
There's only one way out.
What are you gonna do?
I had him! You did that on purpose.
What the hell was that?
You stupid sons of bitches!

I should fuck you all!
How did this happen?

- He's dead.
- Of course he is.

- Who didn't fucking search him?
- He was fucking clean!

- Obviously fucking not.
- Well, who was near the fuck?

I want you to find that money.
Duncan, whatever it takes!

You, you, get the fuck out of here.
Stupid sons of bitches!

He did not have that gun on him
when we brought him in.

What about Duncan?
- Duncan wasn't near him.
- Who was?

- So, what are we gonna do now?
- Simms, cool it.

Give up the money
so the pressure's off.

When he relaxes
we'll get a better opportunity.

- What about Kitty?
- I didn't give her the gun.

- I'll do it.
- I'll do it.