Mysteries of Egypt

Lord Canarvon died from
an infected mosquito bite

five months after King
Tut's tomb was opened.

So it is true, after all.
Well, Lord Canarvon did
die an untimely death,

but Howard Carter lived to be 65
and the little waterboy
who was one of the first into
the tomb because of his size
Iived to a ripe old age,
as did most of the workers.
there was no curse of death.

But beyond all of that,
a curse, you see,

flies in the face of
everything the Egyptians believed in.

You mean life.
Yes, life.
Death, for them,
wasn't an end, it was the
beginning of a great

journey through eternity,
where their gods and
kings sailed the morning ship

across a lake of flames
in the sky,

rising in new life
each day with the sun.