Went through the crack--
Our twelfth edition of
the Psychic Friends Network--

Shea Stadium--
You're watching TV Time...
the only network
playing lots of old stuff...

in nothing but black and white.
Why, it's fun
for the whole family!

TV Time--
remember, you're soaking in it.

This Friday on TV Time...
Take the phone off the hook
and the plastic off the couch.

That's right,
it's the Pleasantville marathon!

24 hours chocked full
of pure family values.

Featuring the warm greeting...
Honey, I'm home.
Proper nutrition...
Do you want some more cookies?
And, of course, safe sex.
Why, it's a scrapbook...
of all your favorite
Pleasantville memories.

"Trouble At The Barbershop..."

"Fireman For a Day..."
"The Big Game..."
And who could forget
"Bud Gets a Job"?

So join all your favorites...
Mary Sue, Bud, George,
and Betty...

and oh, yes, Mr. Johnson
at the soda shop.

But wait, there's more!
If you put
your thinking caps on...

you could win $1,000 in our
Pleasantville trivia contest...

plus a free trip to the
Pleasantville of your choice.

to kinder, gentler times...

on the Pleasantville marathon...
this Friday only on...