-What are you doing?
-What are you doing?

Cut it out, David. Mark Davis
is gonna be here in minutes.

Great. The Pleasantville
marathon starts at 6:30.

I don't believe this!
He's gonna be here!

You can watch it upstairs.
It doesn't have any stereo!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
David, stop stressing.
You can turn it on normally.

No, I can't. It's a new TV, Jen.
It doesn't work
without a remote.

Oh, my God, he's here!
TV repair.
TV repair?
Yeah. TV busted?
Well, here I am.
Holy cow, look at that.
Had a little disaster,
didn't you, fella?

Well, yeah, sort of.
Well, we'll get you fixed up
in no time.

I know how
I'd feel if mine went out.

Almost like losing a friend.
You know,
we didn't call any TV repair.

That makes it a lucky day
for both of us, doesn't it?

Do you think
you could do this soon?

-It's almost 6:30.
-What's the hurry?

Pleasantville marathon
starts at 6:30.

Gosh, I love that show.

Watched it for years.
That's not the reason.
I've got a date at 6:30.

Who did Muffin take
to the masquerade ball...

when her date came down
with the measles?

-Her father.
-That's right.

-And how'd she dress him?
-As Prince Charming.