Practical Magic

Where are you?
I'm taking the first flight out.
Watch the kids.

Just go to Gilly.
The children'll be fine.

We'll take them to
the solstice celebration.

Why can't you two
just stay here?

We can't back out.
We're on the committee.

We're presenting.
I don't want them dancing naked
under the moon.

No, of course not, dear.
Nudity is entirely optional,
as you well remember!

Gilly, I'm here.
Thanks, Sal.
The room service here sucks.
Let's get you out of here.
I'm fine.
He's been really crazy.
We've been driving
for two weeks straight.

Not even straight.
In these zigzags, back and forth.

Damn these shoes!
Then today he says
he wants a jelly doughnut.

And he says to the kid,
"Jelly doughnut, with cream".

And the kid looked confused.
And I said,
"Jimmy, jelly's not a cream".

Then the kid laughed and I laughed
and then he punched me.

He punched me real hard.
The bastard!

Blood on the moon.
- I know.
- Blood on the moon.

I know. Get in the car.
Where's my tiger's eye?
It brings me luck.

- Is it in here?
- I left it.

- I need my tiger's eye!
- It's probably in the bag!