Primeiro Dia, O

Easy, easy.
Take this and get going.
I almost envy the boy...

breaking it in.
Now, go out
and get our man.

Speaking of our man...
You set me up...
you son of a bitch!
Watch your language, brother.
I represent law and order here.
Remember who you're talking to.

Get your hand out of my face!
You little punk!
This is a clean deal for you.

I don't give a shit
if he's a friend of yours!

This guy squealed on us.
Now the heat's on me
because of him.

So cut the crap.
Just knock him off.

It's useless anyway.
The guy's in hiding.
Who knows where the hell he is?

He's sure...
to visit his wife and kid.
Go there.
I want you to be waiting for him
when he arrives.

What if he doesn't show?
If he doesn't show?
Tough for you, man!
You'll die in his place!

Not too thrilled?
Well, then, stay here, pal.
Go back up there and eat shit.
how long is he in for?
30 years.
A whole lifetime.
Stay here and stick it out, then.
How does that sound?