Primeiro Dia, O

Come on, Rosa.
Hey, that biblical outfit's
real classy.

I want to be converted too.
Praise God!

Cut it out, Chico.
I missed you.
Don't ask me for money.
I spent it all on the dinner.

There's nothing left.
- What do you want?
- To see Douglas.

He's at Mother's.
Liar! I saw him flying a kite.
- Yeah, good thing he's out.
- Listen, Rosa.

I want to see the boy.
Go get him, please.

It's not counterfeit.
What have you been up to?
This is for
the kid's education.

What's up?
Sit and eat something.
Your man?
There's no man.
Rosa's chicken...
French toast...
biblical outfit.
I'll go get Douglas
and be back.