Quest for Camelot

Is there anything your magic can do?
You must rely on the courage
of your people.

[Light instrumental music]
Have you got a cold?
- What is it?
- We're in dragon country.

[Ground rumbles]
KAYLEY: Are you sure
this is dragon country?

Shouldn't there be a sign or something?
It could say:
"Welcome to Dragon Country."
[Voice echoes]
You don't think we'll see any...

:32:53 you?
Is a group of dragons a pack or a flock?
KAYLEY: Is it a gaggle or a pride?
Is it a herd?
- Quiet.
- Do you hear something?

No. I just want you to be quiet.
KAYLEY: [Yells] Garrett! Where are you?
KAYLEY: Dragons!
DEVON: Where? I don't see any dragons!

[All scream]
But you're dragons.
DEVON: Heavens! Someone's found
our hiding place.

CORNWALL: Shut up, Cricket Ball.
Let me handle this.

CORNWALL: We are dragons!