Quest for Camelot

Envy, poor lad.
KAYLEY: Camelot.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
It's so beautiful!
I wish you could see it.
I have seen it...
...and there was no place for me.
Garrett, what's wrong?
GARRETT: Take Excalibur to Arthur.
You don't have much time.
But we'll deliver the sword together.
GARRETT: You deliver it.
I don't belong in that world.
GARRETT: Come on, Ayden.
But you belong in mine.
GARRETT: [Singing] "Like every tree
"Stands on its own
"Reaching for the sky
"I stand alone"
[Ayden chirps]
GARRETT: You don't understand.
In Camelot, she'd only see me
through their eyes.

Not a knight, not a man...
...not anything.
GARRETT: [Singing] "I share my world
"With no one else
"All by myself
"I stand
CORNWALL: Forget about him.
You're better off alone.
He walks funny. He even looks funny.
People throw darts at him.
How could you be so cold-blooded?