Quest for Camelot

[Whispers] No!
Your husband died saving my life...
...and saving Camelot.
Lady Juliana...
...the gates of Camelot
will always be open to you.

Sir Lionel...
...was my most trusted knight...
...and also...
:08:41 dear, dear friend.
We will always remember how
he bravely upheld the ideals of Camelot.

KAYLEY: [Singing]
''If you were with me now

''I'd find myself in you
''If you were with me now
''You're the only one who knew
''All the things we planned to do
''I want to live my life
''The way you said I would
''With courage as my light
''Fighting for what's right
''Like you made me believe I could
''And I will fly on my father's wings
''To places I have never been
''There is so much I've never seen
''And I can feel his heartbeat still
''And I will do great things