Quest for Camelot

Oh, no. l'm sorry.
KAYLEY: lt means he knows
where Excalibur is.

Sure he does. ln Camelot.
You know...big castle, lots of flags.
No, it's somewhere in the forest.
Ruber has stolen it
and he's taken my mother hostage.

That's why l'm here!
KAYLEY: l must find the sword
and return it to Arthur...

...or Camelot and my mother are doomed.
[Ayden chirps]
Excalibur is here?
Right. We're going after it.
Not you. Me and Ayden.
We work alone.
l see no reason why l can't come along.
[Singing] ''I know the sound
of each rock and stone

''And I embrace what others fear
''You are not to roam
''In this forgotten place
''Just the likes of me are welcome here
''Everything breathes
''And I know each breath
''For me it means life
''For others it's death
''It's perfectly balanced
''Perfectly planned
''More than enough
''For this man
''Like every tree
''Stands on its own
''Reaching for the sky
''I stand alone
''I share my world
''With no one else
''All by myself
''I stand alone
''I've seen your world
''With these very eyes