Quest for Camelot

All right, all right!
GARRETT: But don't give me any trouble.
lt's a fine mess you've gotten us into,

Hey, this isn't so bad!
KAYLEY: l don't know why you made
such a fuss.

l've had a tougher time collecting eggs.
Trouble, trouble, trouble...
...with a capital ''T.''
RUBER: You wretched,
mythological moron!

Where did you drop the sword?
lt all looks so different from down here.
[Bladebeak squeals]
You! Report!
The girl and the blind warrior...
...are following a silver-winged falcon...
...who knows where Excalibur is.
[Whispers] They'll lead us right to it.
We're going after them!
You lookin' at me?
You lookin' at me?
[Dramatic instrumental music]
GUARD: Come on, men!
We must repair this tower.

Merlin, is there any news?
[Gasps] Have the knights found Excalibur?
l'm afraid not.
Then l'll go after it myself.
You have to regain your strength.
ls there anything your magic can do?
You must rely on the courage
of your people.

[Light instrumental music]