Quest for Camelot

KAYLEY: [Yells] Garrett! Where are you?
KAYLEY: Dragons!
DEVON: Where? l don't see any dragons!

[All scream]
But you're dragons.
DEVON: Heavens! Someone's found
our hiding place.

CORNWALL: Shut up, Cricket Ball.
Let me handle this.

CORNWALL: We are dragons!
Ferocious, hungry dragons!
So go away before we eat you!
[Cornwall roars]
DEVON: Good show, Corny. That is clever.
Let me have a go.
[Devon hums]
CORNWALL: Oh, great.
Bunny is dead.
[Devon makes choking sounds]
They're probably cringing in fear.

[Grunts and groans]
Please don't hurt us.
GARRETT: And l thought you were
ferocious dragons.

Not exactly.
The real ferocious ones are those
fire-breathing bullies out there.

They're always picking on us, calling us
names, pushing us around. l hate them.

Easy with the stick, buddy.
What are you?
Well, frankly, we're the reason
cousins shouldn't marry.

Enchantê, Mademoiselle.
l'm Devon...
...and this growth on my neck is Cornwall.
But you can call me ''Corny,'' for short.
Yeah, short on wit, manners and charm.
-Everything l hold dear.
-How about holding your breath?

GARRETT: Come on, Kayley, let's go.
Hey, where are you going?
To save Camelot!
Camelot? The restaurants, the theaters....
The waitresses, the actresses....