Quest for Camelot

...we'll join them...
...and the kingdom will be mine.
[Ruber cackles]
CORNWALL: l'm starving.
All these heroics worked up my appetite.

Hey, something smells delicious.
Yes, l could whip up a little something.
Well, here's where we stop.
Stop? But what about Excalibur?
GARRETT: No one travels through
the Forbidden Forest after dark.

My father, Sir Lionel, would have.
Come on, baby, light my fire.
You know, there's nothing more pathetic
than a flame-retarded dragon.

Hey, Devon, you blew fire.
No, no, my mistake. Just hot air.
[Sticks twitter]
Kayley, l must tell you, l knew your father.
You did?
l used to live in Camelot.
GARRETT: I was a stable boy...
...but I dreamt of becoming a knight.
One evening, there was a fire.
I rushed to save the horses, but...
...I was hurt.
At first, all I could see were shapes,
then shadows.

:43:27 world went black.
After I lost my sight...
...your father was the only one
who still believed in me.

He taught me that a knight's strength
comes from his heart...

...and his loyalty to the Oath of Camelot.
''United we stand...
'' and forever.''
GARRETT: Any hope I had
of becoming a knight...

...died with him.
l felt that way too, but l knew
he would never want me to give up.

He wouldn't want you to give up either.
You're as good as any knight in Camelot.