Quest for Camelot

[Whispers] Please...
...don't die.
l can't do this on my own.
l'm sorry.
KAYLEY: lt's all my fault you were hurt.
l mean, l was rattling on
when l should have been quiet.

KAYLEY: [Sobs] l'm no help to anyone.
GARRETT: [Whispers] You're wrong.
[Singing] ''Look at the sky
''Tell me, what do you see
''Just close your eyes
''And describe it to me
''The heavens are sparkling
''With starlight tonight
''That's what I see through your eyes
''I see the heavens
''Each time that you smile
''I hear your heartbeat
''Just go on for miles
''And suddenly I know
''Why life is worthwhile
''That's what I see
''Through your eyes
KAYLEY & GARRETT: ''That's what I see
''Through your eyes
''Here in the night
''I see the sun
''Here in the dark
''Our two hearts are one
''It's out of our hands
''We can't stop
''What we have begun
''And love just took me
''By surprise
''Looking through your eyes
TOGETHER: ''I see a night
''I wish could last