Quest for Camelot

Tray tables up
and put away your sandwiches.

DEVON: Turbulence!
Hold on, gang. I think we're going in.
DEVON: Help! Mayday! Mayday!
DEVON: We know you do have a choice,
so thank you for flying Dragon Air.

Tell you what, next time you try to fly,
and we'll hold on.

We did it.
We did it! l can't believe it! We did it!
So this is Excalibur.
-Can l hold it? Give it to me!
-Please, let me hold it. Me!

No! Excalibur only belongs
in the hands of Arthur.

Come on, Kayley.
[Melancholic instrumental music]
Garrett, do you think my mother's safe?
lf she's anything like you,
l'm sure she's fine.

We must hurry. There isn't much time left.
The first two-headed dragon in Camelot.
We'll be famous.

l can see us on the poster now:
''Presenting the wonderful Devon...
''...and his little head, Cornwall.''
Garrett, up ahead...
...the sky.
The end of the Forbidden Forest.
lt's okay.
GARRETT: You go ahead.
l'll be...
...right behind you.
CORNWALL: Why don't you shut up?
How about: ''Cornwall
and his Obnoxious Talking Wart''?

GARRETT: Knock it off.
l don't know what's eating this guy.
Envy, poor lad.
KAYLEY: Camelot.