I can give you a good price.
What's your offer?

We haven't got much.
How much?
-Eight what?

Eight thousand crowns?
Let's look there, then.
Take a good look at this one.
It's a Pontiac.

This is what the one over
there could look like.

When you put it together.
Eight thousand crowns. A '93
model, ABS, air conditioning.

-Where's the engine?
-In the shed.

But it's registered
and has number plates.

But we want to drive it tomorrow.
Well guys, you should have
put more away. Sorry.

We've fucked!
Is there anything here that
we could drive away?

This Kadet's not too bad.
They can all run. Back there we've
engines, wheels... no problem.

Just needs a simple fix-up.
-But we want to hit the road now.
-Let's take a look over there.

-But none of them are registered.
-Let me worry about the papers.

Plates too.
I like you guys, you go far.

I'm going to give you choice.
French plates.

Just say ''Bonjour''. Works a treat
to the cops if they stop you...

They're stupid.
They'll let you go.

German doesn't work anymore.
''Guten Tag'' they know...