Good afternoon.
-C'mon. We'll give you a ride.
-Oh no, boys, it's not worth it.

-I live here in this village.
-C'mon. Here.

But it's really not worth it.
-Your rake...
-See, with my rake.

Such a nice car.
I'll only scratch it up.

You'll sit up front...
-Here we go.
-Where are coming from?

Oh, the fields.
Working, you know. Raking hay.

-You still rake hay?

-And where do you come from?
-We're from Prague.

I hope you find some nice
ladies and enjoy your holiday.

-Stop right here, by this lady.

I told you, it's not worth it...
Now can I have my rake.
Thank you.

Where were you...
...that you needed a lift.

They were just nice boys...
from Prague.

Even then we only gave
her a short lift.

It was still a good deed!
If we hadn't taken her,
we'd be three miles further.

But it's not true.
It's impossible.

So we're actually three miles
behind, you see...

So, whatever happens from now on
wasn't meant to be.

A magic moment.
What's up? Where you going?

The reward for our good deed.