Rush Hour

Hey, man, act like
you're from out of town.

I am from out of town.
Don't act like a cop.
Act like a tourist.

Don't be so obvious. All right.
OK, no problem.
-How you doing?

-For one?
-No, for two.

I'm here for a meeting
with Mr. Juntao.

I'm sorry,
I don't know Mr. Juntao.

Maybe you don't understand.
I'm Mr. Juntao's lawyer.
Legal advisor.

He got into some shit again.
I'm a very busy man.

I ain't got time
to be coming down here.

My wife wants me to come home,
baby's shitting all over.

Would you please get Mr. Juntao?
But I have already told you
I don't know--

You think I came here
for nothing?

You gonna give me gas money?
You got $5.00 on you?
Would you please go tell
Mr. Juntao to get his ass here?

Thank you.
Can I sit right here?
Right here? Thank you.
-Y'all got any eel?

How's your camel hump?
Excuse me?
Where is Roscoe's
Chicken and Waffles?

This way?
I'm sorry.
I'm from out of town.

Thank you.
What's that?
No, wait.