Samehada otoko to momojiri onna

you don't have to go back there.
Don't cry.
It'll be OK.
Let's go.
You don't have to go back.
It's true.
How do you know?
Maruo told me.
-It's yoga...

That's crap.
It's true!
It was "Yoga in Obe Month"
or "Yoga Friend" or something...

...but there was a book like that
right next to the body.

"Yoga Friend"?
I'm not sure of the name.
That doesn't sound right.
But the guy's neck was broken.
"Yoga Friend"?
I said I'm not sure of the name.
I've never seen a book
with a name like that.

Who cares about the name!
What was the other name?
"Yoga In One Month'.
There could be a book like that...
Who cares
what the name of the book was!

I don't understabd.
-You don't?

I tried to keep it simple...
Look, if I don't understand,
I don't understand!

Put it in more concrete terms.
I'm lost at sea here
'cause of all those English terms.

OK, I'll tell you again. Listen.
OK then, the soul...
Well, the body, first...
By the body you mean a kid...