Shakespeare in Love

[ Spits ]
[ Woman ]
Did you like Proteus or Valentine best?

Proteus for speaking.
Valentine for looks.

Oh, I liked the dog
for laughs.

I did not care for much.

His fingers were red
from fighting...

and he spoke like
a schoolboy at lessons.

[ Sighs ]
Stage love will never be true love...

while the law of the land
has our heroines being played
by pipsqueak boys in petticoats.

- Oh, when can we see another?
- When the queen commands it.

No, but at the playhouse.

Be still. Playhouses are not
for wellborn ladies.

I'm not so wellborn.

Well-monied is the same
as wellborn,

and well-married
is more so.

Lord Wessex
was looking at you tonight.

All the men at court
are without poetry.

If they see me, they see
my father's fortune.

I will have poetry
in my life,

and adventure.
And love.
Love above all.

Like Valentine
and Silvia?

No, not the artful postures
of love,

but love
that overthrows life.

Unbiddable, ungovernable,
like a riot in the heart,

and nothing to be done,
come ruin or rapture.

Love as there has never been
in a play.

I will have love,
or I will end my days as--

As a nurse?
Oh, but I would be
Valentine and Silvia too.

Oh, good nurse, God save you,
and good night.

I would stay asleep
my whole life...