Shakespeare in Love

Is the day so young?
- But new struck nine.
- Ay me. Sad hours seem long.

What sadness
lengthens Romeo's hours?

Not having that which having
makes them short.

- Good.
- [ Benvolio ] In love?

- [ Romeo ] Out.
- Of love?

- Out of her favor where I am in love.
- Don't spend it all at once.

Yes, sir.
- Do you understand me?
- No, sir.

You're speaking about
a baggage we never even meet.

What will be left in his purse
when he meets his Juliet?

- Juliet? You mean Ethel.
- God's teeth!

Am I to suffer this constant stream
of interruption?

What will he do in Act Two,
when he meets the love of his life?

I-I'm very sorry, sir.
I have not seen Act Two.

Of course you have not.
I have not written it.

Go once more.
[ Ned ]

Where is Mercutio?
Locked safe in here. I'll leave
the scene in your safekeeping, Ned.

I have a sonnet to write.
You mean a play!

[ Shakespeare ]
For Lady Viola De Lesseps,

by the hand of Thomas Kent.
"Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

"Thou art more lovely
and more temperate.

[ Sighs Deeply ]
Rough winds do shake
the darling buds of May--"

[ Wessex ]
Two hours at prayer!

[ Nurse ]
Lady Viola is pious, my lord.

Piety is for Sunday!
And two hours of prayer is not piety,
it is self-importance.

It would be better
that you return tomorrow, my lord.

It would be better if you'd
tell her to get off her knees
and show some civility...

to her six-day
lord and master!

My lady Viola.
Lord Wessex.
You've been waiting.