Welcome to Amsterdam, Miss Siberia.
Kristy left.

Uh, she had a call from her daddy,
and it was an emergency.

She had to go to the United States.
So I took your bag.

Oh. Thank you.
You're welcome.
What happened to my other bag?
Your other bag?
Kristy took it.

[Dutch] Too bad, huh?
[Dutch] I don't mind paying the rent,
but you could do some shopping.

- [English] What is this, chocolate?
- No, it's caviar.

- They call it hagelslag.
- [No Audible Dialogue]

[Dutch] If Kristy wasn't in town,
I'd kick this bitch out right now.

I hope she dies in an airplane crash.

I'm glad she's gone.
Sometimes a person who
seems like a friend can be opposite.

Never trust a person
who calls himself a friend.

- What are you talking about?
- Kristy, the American girl.

- I thought she was your friend.
- No. She's your friend.

- You slept with her.
- [Chuckles]

You hear that, Goof?

- We could kick her out now.
- Shut up.

[English] Yeah, I met her in the train,
and for one hour she was my best friend.

But that was of course before
she met her fuckboy.

[Dutch] So what's it like
to fuck someone from Siberia?

I don't know.
- Didn't you try?
- Of course not.

- So what did you do?
- We talked.

What a waste of time.
That's what you think, Fuckboy.
See? She understands Dutch.